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Taking a share in power is thus also having one’s voice heard. But not necessarily in circumstances of the enactment of power, the function of which is perhaps in the process of disappearing. Literally speaking, ‘taking power’ is no longer possible in a repetitive society, in which the carefully preserved theater of politics is only sustained to mask the dissolution of institutional places of power, to prevent, by perpetuating an illusion, a necessary displacement in the center of gravity of truly subversive and revolutionary acts.

The only possible challenge to repetitive power takes the route of a breach in social repetition and the control of noisemaking. In more day-to-day political terms, it takes the route of the permanent affirmation of the right to be different, an obstinate refusal of the stockpiling of use-time and exchange-time; it is the conquest of the right to make noise, in other words, to create one’s code and work, without advertising its goal in advance; it is the conquest of the right to make the free and revocable choice to interlink with another’s code––that is, the right to compose one’s life.

— Jacques Attali, from “Repeating,” Noise: The Political Economy of Music
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